I have led several multi-disciplinary teams in scientific, corporate and startup contexts focused both in rapid development and prototyping of new products, ideas or projects, and in market launch, operation and continuous improvement of products and services.

Scientific (critical, data-intensive and experimental) and design (strategic, user-centered) frameworks are the basis for all my work. A large part of my experience has been based in the development and intensive use of digital platforms and products and collaborating with or leading digital teams.

I have a background in sustainability and environmental sciences, developed mostly in universities and spin-offs. In 2011, I left the University to work in strategy and innovation consultancy and to found different entrepreneurial projects. I co-founded 10 companies and startups focused in sustainability, education, technology,  innovation, and design. From 2017 to 2023 I worked for the Tecnológico de Monterrey, one of the main universities in Latin America, in different leading roles related to educational and digital innovation and the transformation of the organization.

Now I develop solutions and projects to transform higher education and lifelong learning (as partner of Éutika and Edlatam Alliance) and to transform territories, communities and industries to sustainability and circular economy (as partner of inViable). Besides, I’m a research fellow of the IFE Europe (Institute for the Future of Education, Tecnológico de Monterrey).