¿Un sólo futuro?: capitalistas, socialistas, totalitarios, apocalípticos

Wired ha lanzado en su web (y en papel acompañando a su número de octubre) la Geekpedia. El proyecto sigue creciendo con las aportaciones (y votaciones) de los usuarios. Entre los gadgets y los sospechosos habituales de la revista aparecen algunas perlas que merecen una lectura relajada y reflexiva. Una de ellas es la entrada Futurism, todo un resumen políticamente incorrecto pero descarnadamente realista de como funciona el mundo:

Futurists enjoy the ultimate job security: The raw material never runs out. The future forever looms ahead, creating a ready market of people who will pay good money for a peek at what’s next. The field consists of roughly four schools.

Capitalists US futurists tend to call themselves strategic forecasters, trend spotters, or cool hunters. These market-driven pragmatists write best-selling biz books, moderate scenario-building encounter therapy, and deliver podium-pounding motivational speeches. They consider themselves daring visionaries who tackle unthinkable "wild cards" and "black swans." To the outside world, their prognostications sound like just more America. Major proponent: Global Business Network.

Socialists Chagrined by the fact that the term futurism was invented by Italian proto-fascists, Europeans take an inclusive approach. Their version of futurism has a Teutonically detailed, Brussels-friendly, public policy tinge. At their most daring, they promote notions like "tactical media," "the Multitudes," and a soft-power semiotics designed to turn the whole world European without anybody actually noticing. Major proponent: European Technology Assessment Group.

Totalitarians Futurists of this variety don’t merely forecast or speculate. They have a rigid ideological conviction about what the future holds, and they’ll happily force it on anyone within reach. Prominent schemes come from situationists, singularity enthusiasts, and transhumanist visionaries who are so desperate to escape the nightmare of history that nobody else can figure out what they’re talking about. Major proponent: Project for the New American Century.

Apocalyptics Traumatized by breakneck social, political, and technical change, these reactionaries dwell in a faith-based dreamworld where ancient divine revelation is the only source of news. Big-idea apocalyptics promote either the Rapture, where everybody else disappears — thus obviating the need to think about tomorrow — or jihadist martyrdom, where they themselves disappear and take as many unbelievers as possible with them. Major proponents: Left Behind fans, al Qaeda.

Existen capitalistas, socialistas, totalitarios y apocalípticos en todos los grupos sociales, organizaciones y países y es un buen ejercicio mental (aunque pueda ser un tanto comprometido hacer públicas nuestras conclusiones) el catalogar a los personajes que circulan a nuestro alrededor de acuerdo con esta tipología.

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